Introduction to the Biewer A'la Pom Pon
Article Written by Deb Tew
Imperiales D' Morffiz
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According to the American Kennel Club, the Yorkshire Terrier is the second most
popular choice among pet owners. Not surprisingly many yorkie fanciers have also
discovered a cousin to the yorkie, the Biewer A' la pom pon or simply Biewer,
pronounced bee-va.

This adorable breed with a flowing non shedding coat, tri colored head, white legs,
tummies and tip of their undocked tails weighs in at less than 8 pounds. They are
intelligent and quite courageous with little regard to their diminutive size and
delight their owners in their antics. Their non shedding coats make biewers terrific
pets for the allergy suffering dog lover.

In 1984, German Yorkshire terrier breeders, Werner and Gertrude Biewer had a litter
with a noticeable difference in their coloring. Intrigued by this, the Biewers soon
learned the distinctive white paws and tummy was the result of a recessive piebald
gene. Inspired by their appearance Mr. Biewer began his quest to produce a new rare
breed with it’s own standard.

By 1988, Mr. Biewer succeeded in competing with his biewers in the show ring. The
following year the ACH German e.V. accepted the biewer as a rare breed.
Unfortunately, Mr. Biewer passed away in 1997 and thus died unaware of the
milestones or oceans his breed would cross.

With the rising interest in dogs and the advent of the internet; it was not long before
this new breed was discovered by the others outside of Germany. The first biewers
were imported to the US in 2003. Since setting foot on US soil, the Biewer Breed Club
of America, (BBCA), along with other breed clubs has been instrumental in breeding,
educating, and promoting this toy breed. Biewers are now recognized in several rare
breed clubs and are being awarded many times in the show ring.

The first US show venue to allow the biewer to compete was the International All
Breed Canine Association, also known as IABCA. This occurred in June 2003. The first
biewer to receive a championship and the first to win best in show was a biewer
imported from Germany by the name of Decoration.  Soon after, the biewer was
accepted to be shown in Rarities, better known as the North American Kennel club
or NAKC. In 2006 and 2007, the prestigious title with the NAKC was held by Elisa von
El Cassius Dio, owned and loved by our club President Theresa Perry.

In March of 2009, the BBCA held it's second annual show specialty in Reading, PA. A
show specialty is a breed specific show held by a breed club. This event was attended
by numerous club members and exhibitors with the outstanding achievement of 27
dogs being shown in the ring. Many of this fabulous breed will be exhibited in
September 2009, at a show specialty held by our sister affiliation in Ontario, Canada.
As the popularity of our breed has grown, unfortunately the need to establish a
rescue organization also grew. We are pleased to announce this endeavor is now in
place. Our rescue website may be viewed here By providing
new homes for biewers in need, we will help to ensure our breed is protected with
healthy, happy futures. We are delighted Carnival Cruise line has agreed to assist us
in our rescue’s fundraising efforts by donating a portion of their revenue towards
our cause, in our first ever BBCAR fundraising  cruise to the Bahamas, also in

The BBCA is truly world wide with members located all over the globe. Our
international members have begun their own clubs and we are pleased to be
affiliated with the Biewer Breed Club of Canada and the Biewer Breed Club of South
Africa. The BBCA invites you to visit our website at where you
can learn more about the biewer’s history, our club, affiliations, and membership
opportunities. Our club is open to breeders, individuals interested in showing, and
pet owners simply enthralled with the breed.