Natural Rearing

Natural rearing breeders work toward building their puppies immune systems
through proper diet and with minimal Vaccination.
At Imperiales we are Vaccinated with the minimum State requirement.
Knowing there are different laws in each State
and new owners might be a little skeptical about not vaccinating we recommend
a very minimal vaccine protocol according to each State law.

Our puppies are not vaccinated and will ONLY be placed to those homes that will
practice our vaccine protocol which would be the minimum for the State,
none would be ideal!

Naturally-reared puppies are a very special group, given the very best start
possible, from having healthy parents, fed raw and very well socialized!

We start by weaning off puppies when they and mom are ready.
No rush here at Imperiales as we think it's very stressful on a puppy taken away
from mom a bit too early.

We start them with Raw goats milk and gradually introducing meat, then bones.

We keep our surroundings clean with natural cleaners, no chemicals!
We believe in Natural Holistic remedies.

No heartworm, no Flea medications, no De-worming.

A well balanced healthy puppy will not need to be poisoned by these. We have natural
approaches for such without putting the Puppy in harm of physical or behavioral damage.

I am proud to state I am in good standing with the

Natural Rearing Breeders Association and Natural Rearing.

I recommend these very informative website links that discuss Raw feeding,  Vaccinations
and Holistic/Homeopathic remedies.

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